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To Modify a Fixture Setup
You can modify a fixture setup to add, remove, or change placement of some of the components, or to change their visibility status.
1. Select the name of the fixture setup in the Model Tree, press the right mouse button and click Edit Definition.
The Fixture Setup tab opens.
2. Use the buttons on the Fixture Setup tab to assemble new components or remove components from the fixture setup. You can also change the visibility status of the fixture components. Note that when you hide a component, it stays in the fixture setup; you can change its status back to Visible at any time. When you remove a component from the fixture setup, and then want to bring it back, you will have to specify all the assembly constraints again.
3. To change the placement of a fixture component, right-click the component in the Model tree and select Edit Definition from the shortcut menu.
4. Click to finalize the fixture setup creation and close the tab.