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Tip: Using Fixture Setups
The following are some of the scenarios you may encounter when using the Fixture Setup functionality in Expert Machinist:
If you use fixtures for the first feature or features in an operation, and no longer need them to machine subsequent features, do not delete or modify the original fixture setup. Create a new, empty, fixture setup and make it active, then create the subsequent machining features.
Similarly, if you need to change your fixture configuration for machining subsequent features in an operation, leave the original fixture setup intact and create a new fixture setup for subsequent features.
If two fixture setups are just slightly different, use the Copy functionality. For example, you have a fixture setup with jigs and clamps for machining a Profile and a Step feature; then you need to remove a clamp to machine a boss top. Create a new fixture setup and use the button on the Components tab of the Fixture Setup tab to bring in all the components from the original setup. Select the name of the clamp in the Components list and click OK. Make sure the new fixture setup is active, then create the Boss Top feature.
If you delete a fixture setup the system prompts you to delete or suspend all the machining features and tool paths that have been created under this fixture setup. If you want to keep the features but no longer need the fixtures to machine them, you can modify the setup and remove all the components from it, rather than delete the setup itself.