Expert Machinist > Through Pocket Features > To Create a Through Pocket Feature
To Create a Through Pocket Feature
1. On the Machining tab, click the arrow next to the Pocket and select Through Pocket.
The Through Pocket Feature dialog box opens with the following elements:
Feature Name—The default feature name, such as Thru Pocket1 (the system increments the number for the next Through Pocket feature). You can type a customized name.
Define Feature Walls—Select the side surfaces to be machined.
Adjust Feature Boundaries—Change the shape of the feature walls using Sketcher.
Define Program Zero—Change the coordinate system used for feature definition and machining.
Adjust Soft Walls—Change Hard Walls to Soft and Soft Walls to Hard.
Adjust Feature Bottom—Adjust the Floor depth of feature (by default, a Through Pocket extends all the way through the stock). To specify a different Floor depth, select a surface, a datum plane, or type a value along the z-axis of the feature-level Program Zero coordinate system.
2. Select the walls of the pocket. Use the following commands on the SURF/LOOP menu:
Surface—Select the wall surfaces individually.
Loop—Specify a closed loop of surfaces by selecting a face they surround. If there is more than one loop of edges (for example, there is a hole in the selected surface), you will be prompted to select an edge to use.
3. On the SURF/LOOP menu, click Done.
4. On the SELECT SRFS menu, click Done/Return.
5. Use the other elements, if needed. Click next to the element to display the current setting. The Preview button lets you check the feature geometry by highlighting the Hard Walls in red, Soft Walls in cyan.
6. Click OK to complete the feature, Cancel to quit.