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To Adjust Feature Boundaries
1. In the machining feature dialog box (for example, Pocket Feature), click .
The system reorients the model so that the XY-plane of the Program Zero coordinate system is parallel to the screen. All the walls become Sketcher entities; they are displayed in cyan.
2. Use the SKETCHER menu options to delete some entities or sketch new ones.
3. If the Intent Manager option is not selected, click Regenerate once the sketch is completed.
4. Click Done to return to the machining feature dialog box.
5. Click Preview to display the feature. All the Sketcher entities that you created while adjusting feature boundaries become the feature Walls. If you use edges of the reference model, or sketch, these entities become Hard Walls. If you use edges of the stock, these entities become Soft Walls. Use the Adjust Soft Walls option to change the type of Walls, if needed.