Expert Machinist > Using Expert Machinist > To Create a New NC Model
To Create a New NC Model
1. On the Machining tab, click Create Model.
2. Type the NC Model name, or press RETURN to accept the default name.
The system opens a new window along with the NC MODEL menu with the Add Ref Model option already selected, and the browser window listing all parts and assemblies in the current directory.
3. Select the reference model in the browser window.
The system retrieves the selected model and displays it in the window.
4. Define stock by using one of the following commands:
Create Stock—Create a new part by selecting a default billet or bar and specifying stock allowance with respect to the reference model.
Retrieve Stock—Retrieve an existing stock part and assemble it to the reference model.
5. On the NC MODEL menu, click Done.
The system closes the Creo Creo Parametric window used for defining the model and displays the NC Model in the original window.
If you skip Step 4 above and click Done, the system will issue a warning that the model is being created with no stock, and ask you whether you wish to continue. If you click Yes, the system creates an NC model with no stock. No Stock machining requires extra steps in defining the machining features. For more information on No Stock machining, follow the link under See Also.