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Tip: Creating NC Models
NC models are assemblies. You can create them outside of an Expert Machinist machining process, as well as during NC Setup. Once you store an NC model to disk, you can use it in more than one machining process.
To create an NC model outside of a machining process:
1. On the Creo Creo Parametric menu bar, click File > New (or click ). The New dialog box opens.
2. Select the Assembly option under Type
3. Select the NC Model option under Sub-type.
4. Unless you want to accept the default, type a name for the new NC model in the Name text box.
5. Click OK.
The system opens a new window with the Model tab open. The NC MODEL menu with the Add Ref Model option already selected, and the browser window listing all parts and assemblies in the current directory also open.
You can also click Add Ref Model on the Model tab and then select the reference model from the browser window.
6. Proceed creating the NC model using the NC MODEL menu commands. Alternatively, select one the following options:
Click Model > Create Stock
Click Model > Retrieve Stock
7. When finished, store the NC Model on disk by clicking the icon on the tab. The model is saved in a file called <modelname>.asm, where <modelname> is the name of the NC model.
To retrieve a previously created NC model into a machining process in Expert Machinist:
1. On the Machining tab, click Add Model.
The browser window opens listing all models of type Assembly and sub-type NC Model present in the current directory.
2. Select the NC model in the browser window.
The system retrieves the selected model and displays it in the window.