The Parameters Setup dialog box that lists CMM parameters and contains the following options, using which you can define the default properties of each parameter:
1. To display parameters that belong to a particular category only, choose the appropriate category from the Category drop-down menu.
2. The parameters table that lists CMM parameters, has the following columns:
Comments—Enter a description for the parameter for your future reference.
Alternatively, click to open the CMM Step Parameters Comments dialog box. Type the comments and click OK to save the changes. Click Cancel to discard the changes. You can also import the comments from an external text file by clicking File > Open and selecting the file.
To insert text within the existing comment from an external text file, click Edit > Insert and select the text file.
Parameter ID—Name used to represent the parameter in relations. You cannot edit this field.
DMIS—When selected includes specifies whether the parameter should be included in the DMIS Data output. The output format is as follows:
TEXT / ‘<parameter_name>:<parameter_value>’
Parameter Name—Name of the parameter. You cannot edit this field.
3. Click Edit > Search to open the Search dialog box which contains options to search for a parameter.