To Select Objects Using the Model Tree
You can use the mouse or the keyboard to select objects on the Model Tree.
Using the Mouse
1. Click and then click Highlight Model in the Creo Parametric navigator window to check the Highlight Model option.
2. Click the name of a feature or part in the Model Tree. Creo Parametric activates the window containing that feature or part and highlights the selected object in the graphics window.
Selections in the graphics area are cleared when items are selected using CTRL+Click in the Model Tree.
You cannot use CTRL + A to select all items in the Model Tree.
Using the Keyboard
1. Click the Model Tree window to activate it. A dotted rectangle appears around the top-level Model Tree object.
2. Press the arrow keys to move the rectangle to other Model Tree objects.
3. Press the space bar once the rectangle is on the object you want to select.