Fundamentals > Fundamentals > Working with the Model > Layers > Using Layer Status Files > To Save Layer Display Status Settings as a File
To Save Layer Display Status Settings as a File
1. Click or in the Model Tree navigator window click and then click Layer Tree on the list . The Layer Tree appears.
2. Click and then click Setup File > Save. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
3. Use Look In in the Search Tool (Edit > Find) to select the directory to which to save the status file. You can accept the default .pro file name or enter a file name. The default file type is a configuration file.
4. Specify a file name and click OK. The system saves the layers of the active model and their current display status to a file.
Saving the information to a file makes the layers and their display status available for retrieval or to be used by other objects.
If you enter the name layer_file, in response to the prompt, the actual file name is