About Using Layer Status Files
The file format for a layer file is as follows:
The first line of a layer file must always begin with
The number nnn is a version number that can change. Verify this number in the trail file for the model before you start to edit the layer file outside of Creo Parametric.
The following rules apply to the layer file format:
The first column must always contain the layer name.
There must not be any blank lines in the file.
The display status is optional. To specify the display status, enter one of the following: HIDE,UNHIDE, andISOLATED.
Interface ID is optional. A number sign (#) precedes the ID. You must set this if you intend to export layer information.
You can specify any number of sublayers.
If you use a system editor to create the file, make sure that there is at least one space between each entry.
If you are using Pro/TABLE, put only one entry in each cell