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To Create Cross Section through Assembly Model and Quilts
1. Open an assembly.
2. Create a cross section using the Planar Section tool or Offset Section tool on the View tab.
3. When you are in the Section tab, click Models and select one the following options:
Show Interference—Click the check box to enable the display of interferences among the bodies.
Include all models—Click to include all models in the cross section.
Include selected models—Click to select models to be included in the cross section.
Exclude selected models—Click to select the models to be excluded from the cross section.
4. To include quilts do one of the following steps:
Select the Include quilts checkbox to include all quilts in the cross section.
On the Options tab click in the Select a quilt to include box and select a quilt that you want to include in the cross section.
5. Click or middle-click. The cross section is added to the Model Tree.