About Part and Assembly Cross Sections
You can use a cross section to see a cutout of a model along a particular direction. You can also use cross sections with the Info and Measure functions. If the model has changed since the cross section was created, the cross section is automatically updated.
Use Section or View Manager to create the following types of cross sections:
Standard planar cross sections of parts or assemblies
Offset cross sections of parts or assemblies
Cross sections of a faceted model (.stl file)
About Changing the Location of the Cross Section
When you create a cross section using planar references you can change the location of the cross section using the dragger. When free positioning is enabled you can use the dragger to translate and rotate the clipping plane orientation. Creo view clips the model as you drag, translate, or rotate the cross section.
About Cross Sections and Quilts
With Technical Surfacing, you can create a cross section of a selected quilt or a cross section that intersects all model geometry including quilts. Depending on the geometry you want to intersect, you can create cross sections as follows:
You can create cross sections that intersect only the solid geometry in a model.
You can create cross sections that intersect solid geometry and all quilts in a model. The intersection curves are displayed in any three-dimensional view of the model and in any area cross-sectional drawing view. They do not appear in total cross-sectional drawing views.
You can create cross sections that intersect a single quilt in a model to display its contour. Quilt cross sections can be created in Part and Assembly modes.
You can create cross sections that intersect only the selected part in an assembly.
Restrictions for Using Cross Sections
Planar cross sections can be crosshatched or filled. Offset cross sections can only be crosshatched.
Cross sections do not show intersections with cosmetic features in a model.
Displaying Annotations After a Section is Clipped
The show_clipped_annotations configuration option determines whether to display annotations clipped by cross-sections in 3D. Set the show_clipped_annotations configuration option to Yes to display the annotations of a section after it is clipped.
To set the configuration option:
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties.
2. On the Model Properties dialog box, click Change corresponding to Detail Options.
3. In the Option box, enter show_clipped_annotations.
4. In the Value box, enter Yes and click Add / Change.
5. Click OK.