To Select Items
This topic assumes that preselection highlighting is enabled (default setting). If you disable it, you must use a different selection method. Refer to About Disabling Preselection Highlighting under See Also for more information.
1. Place your pointer directly over the item that you want to select and right-click. Creo Parametric prehighlights each queried item that is directly under your pointer from top (closest to the pointer) to bottom. The queried item name displays in the Status bar and as a tooltip.
2. After you locate the item, click it. The selected item highlights in the graphics window and in the Model Tree. Creo Parametric builds a selection set and indicates 1 Selected in the Selected Items area on the Status bar.
3. If you want to add an additional item to the selection set, press CTRL and move the pointer over the item or use query the item, then click. Both selected items highlight in the graphics window and in the Model tree. The Selected Items area indicates 2 Selected. Repeat this step to add more items.
4. If you want to select an existing Group feature, click an item contained in the Group feature, right-click and use Select Group from the shortcut menu. Creo Parametric selects the Group feature and adds it to the selection set.
5. If you want to remove an item from the selection set, place your pointer over the highlighted item and press CTRL+click. Creo Parametric clears the item and removes it from the selection set.
6. With the selected items highlighted, right-click and use the shortcut menu commands or open a feature tool to perform an action on the selected items.
You must press (and hold) CTRL to select multiple items. Otherwise, Creo Parametric clears all selected items from the selection set and replaces them with the last selected item.
All selections inside a feature tool are governed by the requirement of that tool. For example, you may only need to select one item to satisfy one collector but multiple items for another collector.
Before you begin selecting items, make certain that the correct filter is selected.
You can always click a vacant area in the graphics window to clear the selection set. You can also use Clear from the shortcut menu.
If you are not in a feature tool and you select only one item, and the item surface (not the outline) highlights, click a vacant area in the graphics window to clear the selection. Then, start selecting again.
You can also view the selection set or remove items from the selection set by double-clicking the Selected Items indicator on the Status bar. After the Selected Items dialog box opens to display the selection set, simply select the items to remove and click Remove.
You can right-click the Selected Items area and click Clear on the shortcut menu to clear the entire selection set.
Pressing CTRL+double-click selects or removes an item and activates Edit enabling you to change dimension values and properties for the selected items.