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About Disabling Preselection Highlighting
Preselection highlighting provides a visual confirmation of the design element enabling you to accurately target the element that you want to select. Creo Parametric enables preselection highlighting by default. However, you can disable it, if necessary.
Disabling Preselection Highlighting
You disable preselection highlighting by clearing the Enable preselection highlighting check box in the Options dialog box (File > Options > Selection). Note that you can also set the prehighlight configuration option to no(default is yes).
Selection Behavior
If you disable preselection highlighting, the Creo Parametric selection behavior changes. To select items, you must use the following selection method:
Pick—You select items directly from the model. You can activate the Pick mode by using the Pick command from the graphics window shortcut menu. Creo Parametric selects this method by default if you disable preselection highlighting.
Query—You select items that are listed in the Pick From List dialog box. You can activate the Query mode from the graphics window shortcut menu. Remember that after you finish your selection using Query, Creo Parametric returns to the Pick selection mode.
If you disable preselection highlighting. you cannot use the selection filter.