To Set the Scene Environment
1. Click Applications > Render Studio > Perspective View to set the model in perspective view.
The model must be in the perspective view for the High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) to be visible as the background.
2. Click the Scene Background check box on the in-graphics toolbar to display the environment behind the model.
3. Click Shading With Reflections on the in-graphics toolbar to enable enhanced realism. The environment is reflected on the model.
4. On the View tab, click Scenes and click Edit Scene on the gallery. The Scene Editor dialog box opens.
5. Click the Background tab.
6. Click Environment from the list.
7. Click the image swatch or click the Environment tab.
8. Click the thumbnail to select or change the environment image.
9. Adjust the following sliders:
Intensity—Controls the intensity of the light.
Saturation—Controls the saturation of the light.
Rotate—Rotates the HDR image about its axis to adjust the reflections and background image.
Height—Adjusts the height of the background image with respect to the model.
Zoom—Adjusts the magnification of the background image.
10. Set the floor effects:
Select Shadow to cast the model shadow on the selected floor plane.
Select Reflection to show model reflections on the selected floor plane.
11. Select a plane from the Floor Plane list to set the orientation of the environment image with respect to the model. If you select Custom in the list, the Reflectivity slider and Offset box are available.
12. Click and select a planar surface or a datum plane. Click to reverse the floor direction.
13. Use the Reflectivity slider to adjust the reflection.
14. Specify the offset in the Offset box, if required. The offset values are in model units.
Custom Floor Offsetting
The following table describes how custom offset appears within the ER, ER with an active Scene Editor > Environment tab, and the Render mode. To turn the ER mode on, select Shading With Reflections as a display style.
Zero offset
Non-zero offset
ER (Enhanced Realism) Mode
The custom floor plane appears in a color of datum, which is visible only when you look at the model from under the custom floor.
The custom floor appearance remains the same as that of zero offset.
ER (Enhanced Realism) Mode
The Environment tab is selected on the Scene Editor dialog.
The custom floor plane appears green.
Render Tab
The custom floor is not visible. The full model can be seen from under the custom floor. To specify or update the custom floor, turn the real-time rendering off on the Render tab.
To save your custom floor settings, click the Scene tab, select the Save scene with model check box, and then save the model. Custom floor settings are saved in the scene file. If you change the scene, you cannot see the custom floor.
To update the custom floor, click and then select another plane.