About the Scene File
A scene file is a collection of render settings applied to a model. These settings include lights, background, and environment effects. All information about the scene is stored in a file with a .scn extension.
Set the default_scene_filename <path to scene file> configuration option to point to the scene file. You can use this file as your default scene file.
On the View tab, click in the Scenes to view the default scenes located at <loadpoint>/graphic-library/scenes. The scene gallery also displays scenes from the startup directory. Click Edit Scene on the scene gallery to open the Scene Editor dialog box. Using the Scene tab, you can add scenes to the scene gallery, create new scenes, copy existing scenes, edit current scenes, and save scenes for future use.
You can apply a scene to a model by double-clicking the scene thumbnail in the Scene tab. You can also apply the scene by right-clicking on the thumbnail and clicking Activate.
Scenes are loaded and remain in memory during the session. If you want to save the scenes permanently, then you must save them as scene files.
When you activate a scene from the Scene Gallery, the scene settings are applied to the model in the graphics window. This also becomes the active scene in the memory. On making changes to this scene, the active scene in the memory is modified. You can save these changes made to the active scene in the memory by either saving the scene with the model or by saving the scene as a scene file.
Saving the model does not save the modifications made in the active scene, unless you select the Save scene with model check box under Active Scene in the Scene tab. The Save scene with model option is controlled by the save_scene_with_file configuration option. When you set the save_scene_with_file configuration option to yes, Save scene with model remains selected for the duration of the session. You can also save the scene by clicking in the Scene Editor dialog box. If you want to save the textures with the scene, then you must set the save_texture_with_model configuration to yes.
You can save only one scene with the model. When you reload the model from its location, the scene that is saved with the model is activated.
You can load an existing scene file or model with a scene file that is saved using Creo Parametric 3.0 or earlier. The following warning appears in the message window—The model scene is from Creo Parametric 3.0 or earlier and is no longer supported. Save the scene file or model with a scene file from Creo Parametric 4.0 to avoid this warning in the following sessions.
In the Scene Gallery, the thumbnail of a new scene is displayed with a symbol while the thumbnail of a modified scene is displayed with a symbol.
In the Scene Gallery, the active scene's thumbnail has a red border while the selected scene's thumbnail has a blue border.