To View Model Creation History
1. Click Tools > Model Player. The Model Player dialog box opens.
2. Select one of the following options for controlling feature regeneration and display:
Regenerate features
Display each feature
3. Using the control buttons or the slider, select the point in the model creation history (that is, select the feature) at which you want to begin the regeneration process. To select a starting feature from the Graphics window or the Model Tree, click . You can also choose Feat # and type a feature number to specify a starting feature. Use and to choose a starting feature by stepping backward or forward through the playback operation one feature at a time.
The feature you specify becomes the starting feature. The system suppresses all features that occur after it.
4. To stop playback, click Stop.
5. Click a command at the bottom of the Model Player to get information about the current feature (the feature that was currently regenerated when you stopped the model playback process).
If a feature is one that intersects any other feature on the part, the system displays the geometry of the feature in red wireframe before intersection.