About Viewing Model Creation History
The Model Player option on the Tools menu lets you observe how a part is built. It aids in the diagnosis of bad features in a part by allowing you to view the creation history of a model. You can use this option at any time, or instead of regenerating a model after you modify it. The Model Player allows you to do the following:
Move backward or forward through the feature-creation history in the model to observe how the model was created. You can also start the model playback at any point in its creation history.
Regenerate each feature in sequence, starting from the specified feature, as the model moves forward.
Display each feature as it is regenerated or rolled forward.
Update (regenerate all the features in) the entire display when you reach the desired feature or when the playback process is complete.
In Manufacturing mode, recalculate CL data for each NC sequence during regeneration.
Obtain information about the current feature (the feature that was currently regenerated when you stopped the model playback process). You can show dimensions, obtain regular feature information, investigate geometry errors, and enter Fix Model mode.