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Scenario 3: To Add a Standard Component from 3DModelSpace
You can access the online catalogs and open a standard component in Creo to add it to your assembly model.
1. Retrieve an assembly from the Workspace in Creo.
2. Click the Favorites folder.
3. If you did not configure to display the 3DModelSpace tab by default in the Creo browser, click Personal Favorites, expand the Online Resources folder, and click 3DModelSpace. The 3DModelSpace page opens in the Creo browser displaying the products and catalogs of the PTC Creo Standard Parts Library. Each product or catalog includes a keyword with hyperlinks.
4. Click the hyperlink of a product to search for the related CAD model or click the hyperlink of a catalog.
5. Browse the various catalogs of the CAD model in the Catalogs page and click the hyperlink of a catalog of a component with a specific standard. The catalog page for the component of the specific standard opens. It lists the various component types.
6. Right-click a component type and click Add to Favorites on the shortcut menu to add the catalog of the component to the Online Resources node.
7. Click the product number of the component type in the component specifications table to retrieve the component type by its product number and dimensions.
8. Click Download CAD on the home page of the component type and save the component model to a folder or directory.
9. Click View 3D Model to view the component model in the 3D PDF format in a separate window.
10. Assemble the downloaded component model in the assembly that you retrieved from the Workspace.
11. After assembling the component in the assembly, click File > Check In > Custom Check In to check in the assembly to Windchill.