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About Collaboration Scenarios: Creo and Windchill Integration
As a Creo and Windchill user, you can take advantage of Windchill solutions from within a Creo session. You must register a Windchill server as the primary server so that your Creo session is connected with Windchill. The active Workspace in Windchill is your default location for saving and retrieving files.
Depending on the processes and tools you use to access, store, and share engineering and business data, the Creo and Windchill collaborative environment offers various scenarios for your engineering tasks.
You can interact with Windchill ProjectLink from your Creo session. To edit your project files in Creo, you must first register your project with Creo using File > Manage Session > Server management.
Multiple Creo applications can share the same Windchill servers and Workspaces The servers and Workspaces are synchronized across Creo applications. You can, therefore, set a server and Workspace authentication on any one application. Separate server and Workspace authentications are not required for individual applications running in the same Creo agent. Applications such as Creo Parametric, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and Drafting, Creo View ECAD and MCAD, Creo Direct, Creo Layout, Creo Options Modeler, and Creo Simulate run in the same Creo agent and share the same embedded browser.