Accessing Data on FTP Sites
You can retrieve a model from an FTP site. Creo files are transferred using binary data transfer.
User Authentication
When you try to access a restricted site, depending on the permissions set on that site, you may be required to specify the user name and password. You can include the user name/password information as part of the address string that you enter in the address field of the Creo browser or in the File Open dialog box.
Alternatively, you can specify the user name and password using an authentication dialog box.
Navigating to an Unregistered Location
You can navigate to an unregistered FTP location in one of the following ways:
Type the address in the Creo browser input window.
Open the File Open dialog box and type the address in File name.
Use the following syntax for the address:
If you enter a password as part of the Internet address, the password remains readable by you and other users. Do not use this syntax for passwords that you do not want to be exposed.