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To Set the Primary Server
You can set a Windchill or ProjectLink server to be the primary server. If you have only one server registered, it is designated as the primary server, by default. If you are working with multiple servers, you set any server as the primary server by using the Server Management dialog box or the folder navigator. You can also change the primary server at any time and set a secondary server as the primary server.
You cannot set an FTP server as the primary server.
1. Click File > Manage Session > Server management. The Server Management dialog box opens.
2. Select a server from the list of servers that you want to set as the primary server.
3. Click Server > Set as Primary Server. The server that you selected is set as your primary server. The folder navigator is updated to show the new primary server and its active workspace.
4. Click Close.
You can also use the folder navigator to set a server as your primary server.
1. Using the folder navigator, locate the secondary server that you want to make as the primary server and right-click. The short-cut menu appears.
2. Click Set as Primary. The server is set as your primary server.