Data Management > Data Management > Managing Servers > Using the Server Management Dialog Box
Using the Server Management Dialog Box
You can click File > Manage Session > Server management and use the Server Management dialog box to manage servers. The Server Management dialog box consists of the Servers and the Cache tabs.
The Servers Tab
You can click the Servers tab to access options on the File, Server, and the Workspace menus.
The Server menu consists of the following options:
Register New Server—Register a new server.
Set as Primary Server—Set the server as a primary server.
Edit—Edit the server properties, including its name, location, and active workspace.
Delete—Delete a server.
Work Offline—Allows you to work with the workspace when not connected to the server.
The Workspace menu consists of the following options:
New—Create a new workspace on the primary server and make it active.
Workspace—Activate the workspace. This is available only when you select an inactive workspace.
Workspace and Set Primary—Activate the workspace and set its corresponding server as a primary server. This is available only if you select an inactive workspace on a secondary server.
Lock Workspace—Lock or unlock the selected workspace.
Delete—Delete a selected workspace.
Import Workspace—Import a portable workspace.
Export Workspace—Export a portable workspace.
Make Available Offline—Makes the workspace ready for offline use.
Click File > Save Settings As to save the current server registry settings to a file.
The Cache Tab
The Cache tab displays the following information:
Workspace cache size
Total cache used
Available disk space