To Revise and Check Out an Object
1. Retrieve a part or assembly from a registered Windchill server and open the model in the Creo application without checking it out.
2. Click File > Check In > Revise and Check Out. Alternatively, select one or more components and parts of the assembly on the Model Tree, right-click, and click Revise and Check Out. The Confirmation dialog box opens prompting you to confirm whether you want to revise and check out the selected object.
Revise and Check Out is not available on the shortcut menu when the set of objects selected consists of one or more already-checked out objects.
3. Click Yes to close the Confirmation dialog box and proceed with the revise and checkout task. The message area of the Creo application displays the status as revise succeeded or revise failed. A dialog box alerts you when the revise operation fails and you are prompted to check the Event Managemnet page for details.
4. If the Conflicts dialog box opens, click Action followed by Revise and Check out now.
5. Click Ok in the Conflicts dialog box.
6. Click File > Manage Session > Event Management to view the relevant events of the revise and checkout task on the Event Management page. Name lists the events of each individual task as Revise and Add. Status lists Succeeded for each event.
7. Click an event in Name to view the details of the event, such as Event Name, Status, and Workspace, on the Event Information page.
8. Click Back to Event Manager to return to the Event Management page.
9. Click Close in the Event Management page.