To Perform a Custom Checkin
1. Click File > Check In > Custom Check In from an active Creo session. Alternatively, you can select and right-click the object name on the Model Tree and click Check In > Custom on the shortcut menu. The file name appears in the message area.
If you choose this method, you can skip to step 4.
2. Accept the default object name or specify the name of another object in session. The file name specified must be unique.
3. Click , or press ENTER. To reject the save operation, click X or press ESC. The Custom Check In dialog box opens.
The Custom Check In dialog box opens if you have set the dm_custom_checkin_prompt configuration option to yes.
4. In the Object Types area, select one of the following options.
Models—Checks in the model files.
Viewables—Checks in files as Creo View viewable files.
Models and Viewables—Checks in objects as model and viewable files.
5. Click Ok in the Custom Check In dialog box. The Check In page opens in the Creo browser.
6. On the Check In page make selections for the following options in the table head:
Location—Checks in the selected objects to a specific a folder or cabinet location on the Windchill PDM server and set a context for new objects.
Collect related drawings—Checks in the parent drawings referenced by the selected object.
Collect related parts—Checks in the parts or CAD documents associated with the selected object.
Check Out Now—Checks in the contents of the selected object to the Windchill PDM server and immediately checks out the object to your workspace.
Include or exclude selected object from the checkin. Excluded items are crossed-out with a red line.
7. Click OK on the page to complete the checkin or click Cancel to abort the checkin.