About Checkin
After you complete working on objects in your workspace, you must check in the objects to the server to share the design changes with other users. The checkin operation copies the information and files associated with the changed objects from the workspace to the Windchill PDM server.
The checkin enables other users to access the latest version of the objects and check it out to their workspace. When you create an object in your workspace or import an object into your Workspace, the checkin adds the object to the database before it is made accessible to other users.
You can check in objects to Windchill PDM as follows:
Auto Check In—Checks in objects from your current Creo session to the Windchill PDM server using default values that you set in your workspace configuration specification. This method of checkin is only available in an active Creo session.
Custom Check In—Allows you to set certain checkin options. Is available in the active Creo session and the Workspace.