To Export a Workspace
1. Click File > Manage Session > Server management and select an active workspace.
2. Click Workspace > Export Workspace in the Server Management dialog box or right-click the workspace in the folder navigator and click Export Workspace. The Export Workspace dialog box opens. The title bar of the dialog box displays the name of the workspace.
3. The check boxes for all the following options show selection. To synchronize your workspace with the workspace on the server, select one or all of the following options:
Synchronize (Sync/CS)—Updates the name and other model properties of the object in the cache with respect to the ones on the server.
Download—Downloads the content files from the Windchill PDM system to the Creo workspace. If your workspace is offline, the following content files are downloaded:
The contents of objects that are added to the workspace but not downloaded.
The contents of objects that are checked out in the workspace but not downloaded.
The master assembly for each external simplified representation in the workspace.
The entire family table for any family table generics of instances.
Upload—Uploads the Creo files and meta data to the workspace on the server and the Windchill PDM server. Upload backs up the contents and meta data in a Creo workspace. If your workspace is offline, then Upload also uploads the meta data and the contents of the new and the changed files in the Creo client workspace.
If the workspace is offline, you can click the Go Online check box to make the workspace available online.
4. Click Browse, go to the location where you want to save the exported workspace, and click OK. The Workspace Password dialog box opens.
5. You can specify a password for the workspace you exported. You require this password to import the workspace after it is exported. Specifying a password is optional.
The selected workspace is exported and locked by the Creo application.