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To Check In Modified Assembly with Difference Report Attached
1. Check in an assembly to the Windchill server with the Auto Associate Parts to CAD Documents check box selected on the Check In page. The assembly is checked in with WTParts for part and assembly components.
2. Insert a WTPart into the structure of the assembly in Windchill. The CAD structure of the assembly displays the added WTPart and an iteration of the assembly is automatically created.
3. Open the assembly with the newly-added WTPart from the server in the Creo application. The View Changes dialog box opens.
The assembly in session does not show the WTPart that you inserted in the assembly structure on the server. This server modification is only an intended change that is not yet committed to the assembly in the Creo application. However, the View Changes dialog box lists the added WTPart as a new component.
4. Select the check box next to the new component in the View Changes dialog box to accept the server change after you review the description of the server change to the assembly structure.
5. Click Close in the View Changes dialog box. The dynamic check out on-the-fly option on the Conflicts dialog box prompts you to check out the assembly.
6. Click OK in the Conflicts dialog box.
7. Check out the assembly.
8. Click File > Check In > Custom Check In.
9. Click Attach Differences Report in the Check In dialog box. A comparison report is automatically generated for the checked out iteration of the assembly. The assembly CAD Document is checked in to the server with the comparison report attached to the assembly as secondary content.