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Details of the Assembly Comparison Reports
Comparison reports generated in Windchill or the Creo application for assemblies with pending component operation changes summarize parameter and component-level changes.
For example, comparison reports can consist of the following parameter and component changes:
System parameter and other parameter changes to the assembly
Change in component names and positions
Added or deleted components
Component with different child models
Pending component operation changes
The pending component operation changes of category Pending are of the following types:
Sub-model items
For the category Pending, the description of changes in the report indicates whether the components were added, deleted, and moved in the base model or the comparison model.
The View Changes dialog box displays the difference reports as tree structures for version history and the feature-based comparison of the assembly. When the comparison model has intended changes, you can accept or reject the intended changes in the View Changes dialog box. When you compare an assembly by its features, the changes of each part or subassembly model component are listed below the component model name in the report. The comparison generates the report as an excel file. You can print the report or save it to an external file.