About Bulk Items
In assembly mode, you can generate a BOM by clicking Info > Bill of Materials. You can inspect, print, or save this BOM to a disk. The BOM serves as a convenient way to view a summary of the assembly
You can also specify a custom quantity for a bulk item. The quantity can be a value specified by you, a measurement from the geometry, or the result of a set of relationships. To ensure a consistent BOM between the Creo application and Windchill, this custom quantity should be passed to the Windchill server.
The custom quantity can either come from a component (feature) count or from the BOM_REPORT_QUANTITY parameter.
You can view the custom quantity in the Creo application on the BOM information report or by creating a repeat region with the quantity report parameter on a drawing.
With a Windchill 8.0 server, you can also see the custom quantity on the model structure report from the CAD Document's Details page. Additionally, if the parts are built from the CAD Document assembly structure, then the Product Structure report on the Part's Details page also shows the appropriate quantity.
By creating parts and associating them to the CAD documents that contain the Creo files as primary content, you can create a product structure (a hierarchy of parts in the Windchill PDM system). The product structure mirrors the Creo Model Tree structure for the assembly.