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About Generating File Names Based on CAD Document Soft Type
When you create a part or assembly, the part or assembly name and number are automatically generated in the Creo application. Windchill provides the name for the new model when Windchill is configured to generate the file names.
The new file names and the auto numbers depend on the selection of the object type and the sub-type. You can click File > New and select the object Type and Sub-type for the model in the New dialog box. Object types and sub-types are defined on the server and have their own attributes. The object type and sub-type pairs are defined to meet specific business and process requirements. Sub-types further restrict access to particular object types. For example, for the object TypePart, you can only select Solid, Sheetmetal, Bulk, or Harness as its Sub-type in the New dialog box.
The Windchill association of the part or the assembly models with their CAD Documents adds a set of attributes to the CAD Documents that defines the CAD Documents as soft type CAD Documents. Windchill maps the object types and sub-types to the soft type CAD Documents.
Therefore, when you select an object sub-type for a new file in the New dialog box, the soft type of the model is set by default. Depending on your selection of the object sub-type, the file name of the new part or assembly model is, therefore, based on the CAD Document soft type to which the object sub-type maps in Windchill.
You can also define the soft types for the object sub-types of the models. You can click Tools > Parameters and set the UPLOAD_SOFT_TYPE parameter in the Parameters dialog box to define the soft types for the object sub-types.
You can switch types and sub-types and change the sub-types and the soft types. Changing the sub-type changes the default soft type that is set for the model. You can change a sub-type and the soft type of a new model only until the new model is uploaded in the Creo application. When you change a subtype, you can specify a new name for the model. However, the automatically-generated file names and numbers are preserved and File name in the New dialog box displays the auto-generated name and number of the part or assembly model when you change its sub-type and soft type.