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About Creating CATIA V5 Data as the Primary CAD Content
You can check in Creo models to Windchill server locations and export the models to the CATIA V5 native formats of CATProduct assemblies and CATPart and CGR part components. The export creates Translated Image Models (TIMs) in the Workspace. CATProduct is an assembly file format that contains references to CATPart component files and sub-assembly CATProduct files. CATPart is a part file format that contains exact and facet geometry. CGR is a facet-only format that represents parts and assemblies.
If you set the hdic_export_v5_to_ws_enable configuration option to yes, the HDIC-enabled export creates CAD Documents of the CATProduct, CATPart, and CGR models in the Workspace with CATIA V5 data as the primary content of the CAD Documents. Heterogeneous Design in Context (HDIC) is the incorporation of design data that is authored in third-party CAD tools such as CATIA V5 into Creo designs. You can check in the CATProduct, CATPart, and CGR files from the Workspace to the servers and open the CATProduct and the CATPart models in CATIA through the Windchill Workgroup Manager. The CAD documents of the CATProduct TIM assemblies, the CATPart TIM components, and the CGR TIM parts are associated to the WTPart of the source geometry through the Contributing Image link.
Simplified representations are exported as standalone CATProduct files. Family table instances are exported as standalone CGR files. To exclude skeleton models from the export, you can hide the layers on which the skeleton models reside and filter the hidden layers. When several assemblies share part components, the export of such assemblies creates CATPart components only for the first assembly. The export does not, thereafter, create separate CATPart components for all other assemblies that share the components.
The export of models to the CATIA V5 formats fails if you have checked out the models to the Workspace or have modifed the models in the Workspace or in session. An error message states the reason for the failure of the export.
You can refer to the Interface Online Help for details about the export of part and assembly models to CATIA V5.