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Mapping the Text Symbol Fonts When Importing Drawings
Importing non-native drawing in a new drawing
The intf2d_in_symbol_font configuration option allows you to assign a font type for imported symbols or special characters. The font type value set for this configuration option sets the value for the symbol_font detail option.
Importing non-native drawing in an existing drawing
The symbol_font detail option sets the font for all symbols or special characters in an existing Creo drawing. The intf2d_in_symbol_font configuration option does not override this detail option. The Map Text Symbols To option available in the Options > Data Exchange dialog does not have any effect either.
When you export a drawing file with legacy symbols font to DWG or DXF, by default the symbols are mapped to gdt font with some of the symbols getting stroked in the process. Later, when you import the same file by mapping the symbols to regular or stroked asme or iso font, the imported drawing may show overlapping symbols. You are recommended to map the symbols to legacy symbols font if the drawing shows overlapped symbols.
Assigning a font for missing symbols
Missing symbols are the characters that do not exist in the font type that you have selected for the imported special characters or symbols.
1. In the Import DWG, Import DXF, Import IGES, or Import MI dialog, click Mapping Properties tab.
2. Click the Text Fonts tab.
3. Select a font type for the missing symbols.
If you do not select any Missing Symbols font, the font selected for default_annotation_font detail option takes effect. If a special character or a symbol does not exist in any of the fonts that you have selected, the standard character predefined in Creo Parametric is used.
Importing Creo Elements/Direct Text Fonts
When you import Creo Elements/Direct models, the symbols are mapped to the symbol font selected from the Map Text Symbol To list on the Import MI dialog. However, the text is mapped to the default Creo font. You can change the default text font mapping for the following fonts: hp_symbols, hp_symbols2, and hp_symbols2_I.
1. In the Import MI dialog, click Mapping Properties tab.
2. Click the Text Fonts tab.
3. Select a text font for hp_symbols, hp_symbols2, or hp_symbols2_i.