About Importing DXF or DWG Drawing Files
You can import AutoCAD drawing data and tables using the DXF and the DWG file formats for versions 2018 and earlier.
The Creo Parametric Interface for DWG uses RealDWG technology.
You can set up and modify configuration options to selectively filter and import data that is specific to the type of entities these file formats support. The Import DXF and the Import DWG dialog boxes display these configuration options as user interface options. You can view and verify the current settings at runtime and revert to original settings if required. The new and modified configuration option settings are saved in the current_session.pro file when you click OK on the Import DXF or the Import DWG dialog box. The Import DXF and the Import DWG dialog box display the saved values for these options as the default values the next time you open the Import DXF or the Import DWG dialog box in the same session of the Creo application.
You can import DXF and DWG files with:
Blocks as symbols
Dimensions as Creo dimensions or symbols and associated with the draft entities
Splines and B-splines
Xlines as construction lines
Colors as Creo colors
Layers as Creo layers
Line styles as Creo line styles
Text fonts as Creo text fonts
2D entities and 3D solids where 3D entities are assembled and viewed as assembly components
Multiple-line text as a single multiple-line note or as multiple single-line notes
Hatches as draft hatches
In some instances, tile-like hatches are not imported.
The Unicode characters of the DXF or DWG files are imported as is. Drawing details, such as views and symbols, especially of assemblies, are structured as blocks in the DXF or DWG files. During import, the block structure of the file is maintained and each block is grouped into the corresponding symbol definition. You can use the imported drawing data to create 3D feature-based solid models.
If the AutoCAD drawing file consists of multiple drawing sheets of various sizes, you can create a single drawing with multiple sheets of variable sizes corresponding to the number of drawing sheets in the AutoCAD file. You must select more than one layout or drawing sheet for the imported file to create a multiple-sheet drawing. You can import all the sheets contained in the AutoCAD file or select one or more drawing sheets to import. The variable sizes of the drawing sheets are maintained in the Creo application. For each sheet of the drawing, a standard-size drawing sheet that is nearest in size to the original drawing sheet is created. You can also set the margins of the drawing sheet.
You can view the import log file in the Information Window when the import is complete. This log file includes details such as the duration of the process and the actual process time, the configuration options set and their values, the name and version of the input file, the entities and layers imported by their number, entities ignored and the reason for skipping their import, and items not supported.