Data Exchange > Interface > Working with Data Exchange Formats > Solid Edge > To Import a Solid Edge Part or Assembly
To Import a Solid Edge Part or Assembly
1. Click File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Select one of the following file types in the Type box:
Solid Edge Part (*.par)
Solid Edge Assembly (*.asm)
Solid Edge Sheetmetal (*.psm)
3. Select a part, assembly, or Sheetmetal part file from the list of files displayed.
4. Click Import. The Import New Model dialog box opens.
5. If you want to replace the current import profile in use, select another import profile from the Profile list. If you want to customize the import settings of the profile, click Details to import and use the import profile editor, Solid Edge - Import Profile..
6. Click OK in the Import New Model dialog box. The Solid Edge part or assembly is imported. The import log file is automatically generated in the working directory.