Data Exchange > Interface > Working with Imported Geometry > Redefining Imported Features > To Collapse Geometry into an Imported Feature
To Collapse Geometry into an Imported Feature
1. Select a standard import feature as the target feature for the collapse operation.
Do not select a facet import feature as the target feature for the collapse operation.
2. Hold down the Ctrl key and select additional features and geometric entities on the Model Tree to collapse into the target feature.
3. Click Model > Editing > Collapse. The Collapse dialog box opens.
You can, alternatively, click Model > Editing > Collapse and then select the target feature and the additional features, datums, and geometric entities for the collapse.
4. Select one of the following options as the set of features to collapse in the Collapse dialog box:
All geometrically related features—Collapses all features that constitute the solid or quilt geometry to create an independent geometry feature. This is the default.
Range of features—Collapses all the features between the first and the last selected features to create an incremental geometry feature.
If required, Creo selects additional features to collapse and highlights all the selected features.
5. If you want to retain and reorder all or some of the following feature types after the collapse operation, retain the selection of all the check boxes of the feature types or clear the selection of some of the following check boxes:
Analysis Features
Annotation Features
Publish Geometry Features
Cosmetic Features
6. Click OK. Creo moves the highlighted features and geometry into the target feature. The collapsed features are no longer visible on the Model Tree and the model is automatically regenerated.