About Redefining Imported Features
You can use the Import tab to redefine the imported features of part models or the part components of assemblies. The Import tab is a feature creation and redefinition tool that offers a cohesive user interface for other related tasks. To access the Import tab and redefine the imported features, select an imported feature and click Model > Operations > Edit Definition or select the imported feature on the Model Tree or the graphics window and click on the mini toolbar that appears.
The Facet tab opens in addition to the Import tab when you select an imported feature that consists of facet features. You can edit geometry using options on the Facet tab before you use options on the Import tab to redefine the import feature.
The Import tab enables you to perform the following tasks while redefining the imported features:
Reload the source files to update the imported features or replace the geometry of the imported features with geometry from another file.
Reset the layer filter when you reload the source files.
Modify or replace the embedded profiles saved with the models with import profiles from the working directory.
Profile options such as Use templates, Import type, and Enable ATB are valid only during the initial import of the models. If you reset these profile options when you redefine the imported features, the changed settings do not affect the reload of the source files or the redefinition of the imported features.
Select or asynchronously create a coordinate system as the placement reference or place the redefined features at the default location of the model.
Redefine an imported feature containing solid bodies as follows.
Include the solid bodies of the imported feature as new bodies in the part.
Merge the solid geometry of all the bodies of the imported feature and add the merged solid geometry to the default body of the part.
Add the surfaces of the imported feature to the part without creating additional solid bodies.
Access geometry repair and editing tools on the Import tab, such as Import DataDoctor (IDD) or the facet editing tool, depending on the geometry type of the imported feature whether facet, curve, or standard geometry.
If a body created in the imported part is empty after the solid bodies of the imported feature were added as additional bodies, click Import Data Doctor (IDD) on the Import tab and repair the corresponding quilts of the imported feature that fail to solidify in IDD so that the resultant solid geometry populates the empty body.
Optionally display the original and new geometry for comparison when you reload the source file or modify the imported geometry using IDD. You can only display the original geometry or display both the original and the new geometry with the original geometry superimposed on the new geometry.
Automatically and manually match the reference entities of the original and the redefined geometry.
Include geometry from another file without changing the source file.
You cannot add geometry from another file when you redefine facet type import features.