Setting intf_out_layer to part_layer
Use intf_out_layerpart_layer to export data from drawings to DXF and DWG format that can:
Create pre-defined layers.
Map Creo line styles to AutoCAD line styles.
Get the exported drawing in a 1:1 scale regardless of the original scale.
When exporting, put in blocks for each hatching and table that is included in the drawing.
Update the text export. Text is exported as AutoCAD text and not within an outside block.
Layering Scheme
You need to create a layering scheme for each part you are exporting to DXF or DWG. If a part is found more than once, its entities are exported to the same layer.
DXF/DWG Layer Name
All axes
All continuous lines
All hidden lines
All dimensions
All text
All hatching
All tables
All balloons
All format entities