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Importing and Exporting Non-Geometric Data
You can import and export non-geometric data such as engineering meta data to Creo View. The overlay recipe files control the export of non-geometric content to Creo View.
The engineering meta data of Creo View files are imported as model parameters. The engineering meta data are exported as the parameters of parts and assemblies to the Creo View format.
The details of the combined view states of Creo assemblies are exported to the Creo View.pvs and .pvz file formats only when the assemblies are opened as master representations. The combined view states of the assemblies are exported to Creo View irrespective of how their view orientation is defined in the View Manager, whether set as front, back, right, left, top, bottom, custom, standard, or the default.
Annotations are imported and exported as graphical representations. You must clear the selection of the Enable ATB option in the Import New Model dialog box to import annotations from Creo View. Annotations exported to Creo View include 3D notes, dimensions, surface finish, geometric tolerances, set datums, and symbols. The exported annotations have no structure.