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About Data Exchange Between Creo View and Creo Parametric
You can export Creo Parametric drawings, parts, and assemblies to Creo View and import Creo View parts and assemblies. Creo Parametric supports the import and export of the following Creo View viewable files:
Drawings exported to Creo View create a .plt plot file and a Creo View.ed or .pvs structure file. The .plt plot files are stored in the HPGL2 format.
The structure of each of these supported Creo View formats is as follows:
The .ed and .pvs files contain product structure or meta data information, or both.
The .ol viewable files contain the geometric representations of parts and assemblies. You cannot explicitly export to this format. These files are generated when you export parts to the .ed or.pvs format. However, you can directly import .ol files.
The .edz and .pvz files are the compressed formats of the .ed and .pvs files, respectively. They include the associated .ol and .plt files.
In a session of standalone Creo Parametric, the following Creo View formats are available as file-type options for export in the Save a Copy dialog box:
Creo View (*.ed)
Creo View (*.edz)
Creo View (*.pvs)
Creo View (*.pvz)
Additionally, you can export to the .edz and .pvz compressed formats from a session of Creo Parametric that is linked to a Windchill server, but not export to the Creo View.ed and .pvs formats.
The export to the .edz and .pvz formats depends on the version of the Windchill servers to which Creo Parametric is linked as follows:
.edzWindchill 8.0
.pvzWindchill 9.0
You can import and export geometric and non-geometric data. The non-geometric data consists of engineering metadata. The geometric data consists of facet and exact geometry. You can import colors assigned to the components of assemblies and their sub-assembly models, including the colors of the sub-level entities such as parts, quilts, and faces. Color import also includes colors assigned directly and indirectly to the sub-assembly models.
You can use the import and export profiles for the import, append, and export tasks. Import and export automatically generates log files in the working directory.