Mapping Layers and Line Styles
Default Mapping
Standard Creo layers and line styles map by default to standard AutoCAD layers and line fonts. Layers map to AutoCAD layers with the same name: Set the intf2d_out_blanked_layers configuration option to yes to include blanked layers in the file export. Line styles map automatically to AutoCAD line fonts during a file export as shown in the table:
Creo Line Style
AutoCAD Line Style
Manual Mapping
Map layers and line styles in the file. To map layers exported to DXF and DWG, use the file. The syntax for layer mapping is:
map_layer <items to map> <Ext)
For example, if the file contains the line map_layer Dxf_Axis 5, and you are exporting part1, the resulting layer is part1_5. This layer contains all the axes that belong to part1 and are found in the exported drawing.
If a particular type of entity does not exist in the part, then that layer is not created. This applies to newly created layers only.
To map line styles, use the following syntax in the file:
map_line_style <Creo Parametric name> <AutoCAD name>
For example: map_line_style CTRLFONT CENTER
A 32-character limit exists for DXF file names. Therefore, a layer name with more than 32 characters is truncated. You cannot assign the same Creo layer to two or more AutoCAD layers with different visibility statuses.