Feature Entity Data Format
Feature entities appear in sequential order in the Neutral file. A comment line which contains the name of the feature (through hole, round, pattern of slots, and so on) precedes each feature entity data block. The feature header that contains the feature type constant and the ID of the feature appears next. Feature data consists of feature attributes, feature dimensions, and associated entity IDs. The list of dimensions associated with the feature includes the text label of the symbolic dimension and the value of the dimension. A list of the IDs of the surfaces of the feature is also included.
Data format:
features {Nfeats}
At the head of the list
name of feature
Comment line
Feature ID
String containing wide character types
1 if feature is suppressed
0 otherwise
Array of indices of related dimensions
Array of IDs of feature surfaces
Array of IDs of feature edges
Array of IDs of miscellaneous items; quilts, XYZ-entities