Color Mapping Creo Defaults to AutoCAD
Creo colors map automatically to standard AutoCAD colors as shown in the table:
Creo Color
AutoCAD Color
Yellow (2)
Highlight Primary
Red (1)
Highlight Edge
Blue (5)
Cyan (4)
Manufacturing Volume
Magenta (6)
Sheet Metal
Green (3)
Highlight Secondary
Gray (9)
Highlight Secondary
Orange (40)
Hidden Line
Hidden gray (8)
Colors with the same name in Creo and AutoCAD map automatically.
User-defined Creo colors with the same RGB values as standard AutoCAD colors map automatically.
AutoCAD 2000 and earlier versions do not support user-defined Creo colors whose RGB values do not match standard AutoCAD colors. These colors map by default to white in AutoCAD. If you export the file to a version newer than AutoCAD 2000, new colors with the same RGB values are automatically created to match user-defined Creo colors.
You can also customize color mapping during a file export using the Export Environment for DXF or theExport Environment for DWG dialog box.