About Importing Dimensions from MI Drawings
You can import linear, angular, radial, diameter, ordinate, and arc dimensions from the Creo Elements/Direct*.mi drawing files. Chamfer dimensions in the *.mi files import as notes with leaders.
Depending on the configuration options you set, dimensions are imported as is, as separate entities, or as symbols. Set the intf2d_in_dim configuration option as follows to import dimensions as is, as separate entities, or as symbols:
as_sep_ent to import dimensions as separate entities
as_symbol to import dimensions as symbols
as_is to import dimensions as dimensions
Dimensions import with arrowheads. The radial and diameter dimensions import with leader extension lines. Dimensions with jogs and breaks are imported with their leader and witness lines. The prefix, postfix, subfix, and the superfix elements of the dimensions are imported. Dimension frames import as separate entities.
Dimension tolerances specified in the *.mi drawing files and their values are imported according to the corresponding Creo Elements/Direct dimension type. Dimensions with tolerance type LIMIT import with upper and lower limit dimension text.
After import, the flip state of the angular dimensions are the same as the flip state of the corresponding dimensions in Creo Elements/Direct.
Dimensions that are attached to geometry in Creo Elements/Direct retain their association with the relevant draft entities after import. As dimensions remain associative after import, you can recalculate dimension values especially when witness lines move.