About Exporting a TIFF (Snapshot), TIFF, EPS, or JPEG File
Exporting Shaded Images
You can export wireframe and shaded images in the following formats:
You can change the image size, resolution, and depth when you export with TIFF, EPS, or JPEG. When you export shaded images, you export the images based on the current Creo parameters.
TIFF files are stored in bitmap format and relate to the number of pixels in the image, not the dpi (dots per inch). When you use Variable as the size, specify the height and width, and change to a higher resolution, these values do not necessarily represent the actual size of the image.
For example, if you have a 4 inch by 4 inch picture and you output the image at 100 dpi, the image size is 400 by 400 pixels. But if you output the image at 200 dpi, the image size is 800 by 800 pixels. A higher resolution increases the size of the image size.
Use 24-bit RGB to print or export an image with textures. The textures are ignored unless the image uses a 24-bit RGB.
Procedures for Exporting
When exporting to TIFF, the Creo application works as a scanner recording the current screen image in bitmaps. An output file represents a snapshot of the entire screen. You can export files to TIFF (Snapshot) from Part, Assembly, and Drawing modes. TIFF (Snapshot) is the only image to which you can export a drawing file. TIFF files have the extension .tif.