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About Exporting Creo Models and Drawings to Other Formats
You can use the File > Save As > Save a Copy command to export parts, assemblies, and drawings to the 2D and 3D formats that Creo supports. While most configuration options that control the export of drawings are available in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box under 2D data exchange settings, you can also create and use profiles to export 3D models. When you use these format-specific export profiles, you do not need to set the corresponding configuration options in the file.
Export options are also available in individual export dialog boxes, where you can customize the export of layers, select a coordinate system for the exported models, and specify geometry and model components to include or exclude from the export.
You can export the following parts and components of assemblies with multiple solid bodies:
Parts with closed and open quilts
Assemblies with part components that contain multiple solid bodies
Assemblies with intersected and flexible components that contain multiple solid bodies
Multi-level assemblies, with occurrences of the same part components containing solid bodies at either the same, or different, levels of the assemblies.
Embedded components in inseparable assemblies. Embedded components are extracted as external components.
You can also export part models, and the part components of assembly models, that consist of facets, regardless of whether they contain multiple solid bodies.
To export native drawings to the various supported file formats, you can use the following File > Save As commands:
Quick Export
Use File > Save As > Quick Export to directly export drawings to the PDF format by default or a format of your choice. You can set the preferred_export_format configuration option to a supported 2D file format to configure Quick Export and Export to the format of your choice or set the Preferred deliverable for export 2D data exchange setting in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box to the preferred format. File > Save As > Export enables you to preview the drawings and their export settings before you export the drawings to the preferred file format. If the export does not suit your requirements, the Export Setup tab allows you to change the settings and the format for the export of the drawings.
When you export:
3D models—log files are automatically generated in the working directory.
Drawings—you can generate a log file by selecting the Generate a log file check box. To view the log file in a new window, click .