About 3D Model Data Imported from Creo Elements/Direct
In addition to geometry, you can import assembly structures including shared components, model parameters, and attributes from the Creo Elements/Direct Modeling files. The attribute value pairs of the Creo Elements/Direct parts and components import as parameter value pairs. You can preview and import clipping features as cross-sections. Feature points of parts and assemblies import as datum points.
You can also import the coordinate systems, named views, annotations, and layer states of the Creo Elements/Direct part and assembly models. A basic docuplane with or without the assigned annotations and the associated part-level configurations imports as a combined state. Inclusion of the basic part-level configuration and the associated annotations in the combined state is optional. The Saved View of a combined state matches the orientation and zoom of the Creo Elements/Direct configuration. The orientation of the imported docuplane matches the ‘view’ of the docuplane so that it is flat to the screen. The associated configuration is imported with its orientation. The names of the docuplanes, the basic part-level configuration, and the associated annotations are imported according to the Creo Parametric naming conventions.
If annotations are assigned to the docuplanes, these annotations are also assigned to the combined state after import. The linear, radial, diameter, and angular dimensions of part and assembly models import as semantic representations. The annotations are visible when the combined state is active. All the imported annotations are grouped into a single annotation feature in the imported part and are assigned to a single combined state, the default active combined state.
The part and assembly-level Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) of the annotations is also imported. The PMI can belong to all annotation types such as dimensions, notes, tolerances, or symbols and are imported as semantic representations. The original positions, locations, and orientation of the PMI in the Creo Elements/Direct files are maintained after import. Before import, the PMI may be placed on a plane or a docuplane or may be placed flat to screen in the Creo Elements/Direct files. The associated reference geometry, such as edges and surfaces, is also imported.