Importing Attributes from Creo Elements/Direct Models
Model parameters and their values defined as attribute value pairs in the Creo Elements/Direct parts and components are imported as parameter value pairs. After import, the model attributes of the Creo Elements/Direct parts and components map to the corresponding model parameters in Creo Parametric.
You can import the following Creo Elements/Direct model attributes with their units and values:
Model name
Instance name
Material name
Density (kg/(mm3)
Volume (mm3)
Mass (kg)
Thickness (mm)
Model and instance name attributes of the Creo Elements/Direct 3D model files are preserved and imported to Creo Parametric only when the model and instance names are specified in the Creo Elements/Direct 3D model files. Model and instance names are transferred as model parameters to Creo Parametric. That is, the CED_MODEL_NAME and CED_INSTANCE_NAME attributes are assigned as model parameters to Creo Parametric.
The instance names of the assembly components are transferred as feature parameters. That is, the CED_COMPONENT_INST_NAME parameter is assigned as a feature parameter in Creo Parametric.
Attributes such as material name and thickness are specific to Sheetmetal design. You can import these attributes from Creo Elements/Direct Modeling for use in Creo NC Sheetmetal.
You can import attributes as the following parameter types:
Boolean (yes/no)
Material attributes for Sheetmetal create string type parameters. Attributes such as volume, mass, thickness, and density import as real number parameters with their appropriate units. Units and their values are preserved when you import Creo Elements/Direct Modeling attributes.
Units and the quantity values of the attributes are imported when you disable Associative Topology Bus (ATB) during import. To import the units and their values, you must make sure that the Enable ATB option is not selected on the Import New Model dialog box.