Data Exchange > Import DataDoctor > Repair Tools > Wireframes > To Display Frozen Surfaces
To Display Frozen Surfaces
Click on the Graphics toolbar. The frozen surfaces in the imported feature are displayed. The icon representing a frozen surface is displayed on the surface to indicate that the surface is frozen. This option is only available only if you have an active component or surface subset of a component.
Click again if you do not want to display the frozen surfaces.
When you move the pointer over , Import DataDoctor displays a message indicating why the surface is frozen. A surface is frozen for one of the following reasons:
You have frozen the surface using Constrain > Freezing > Freeze.
The surface is analytical.
The surface has more than four sides.
All the boundaries of the surface are isolines.
A frozen spline surface may have tangency conditions for one or more of its boundaries. In this case, the repair algorithm may modify the surface locally.