To Set Up Geom Checks for Troubleshooting
1. Click Analyze > Geometry Checks on the Import DataDoctor tab. The Troubleshooter opens.
2. Click Edit > IDD Settings in the Troubleshooter. The IDD Troubleshooter Settings dialog box opens. The important and high priority diagnostics and checks show default selection.
3. Select the required check boxes relevant to the geometry checks as the search criteria for the diagnostics in the Diagnostic Column. You can also select one of the following options:
—Selects all the geometry checks.
—Clears the selection of the geometry checks.
Restore defaults—Resets the default selection of the geometry checks.
4. Specify threshold values for the following geometry checks in Threshold. These threshold values control the search criteria. The default values provided depend on the model accuracy. This ensures the accuracy of the geometry checks. The Most Recently Used (MRU) list retains the five last-specified valid values.
Small loops of one-sided edges
Short one-sided edges
Gaps not added to Wireframes
Almost tangent edges
Small surfaces
Narrow surfaces
5. Click OK. These diagnostics settings, including the diagnostic types and the threshold values specified, are retained and are applied to the model in session, but they are not saved to the model.